My Italian grandfather used to say that everyone was like a book… with their own story to tell. Hence the old adage: don’t judge a book by its cover. We simply can’t make assumptions about other people because we don’t know what they are going through or have experienced in their life to bring them to where they are now… their appearance, behavior, or the landscape of their emotions and beliefs.

This got me thinking! What if we could write our own stories about the rest of our lives!

What would you say if you could write your own story as you would love it to be in your life from this point on? Kind of like a comedic melodrama, my mind goes to: Our heroine, contemplating midlife and beyond, declared “Enough Is Enough!!” and finally decided to _____________, and then_______________, and then______________!!!

How would you really live? What experiences and adventures would you love to have? How would you like to feel every day? If your life was like chapters in a book, what would you create? What about your life, as it is now, do you love and appreciate, and would include in your script? What would you eliminate without so much as a glance back? What new things would you add? How do you want your story to evolve?

This is fun to think about. Allow yourself to dream without limitation… without what you now believe to be possible or probable. Let your imagination go a little wild. Play with it for awhile. Do not censor yourself. Let different visions and scenarios filter up and unfold in your mind’s eye. Let yourself feel the joy and happiness, passion and anticipation that may arise… along with the feelings of freedom and empowerment! What desires are surfacing from your heart and soul? What inner truth has emerged?

What if you honored what was there? What if you took what you discovered about your true desires and started to plan and implement… keeping your vision bright, vibrant and alive… creating and shaping your life to mirror it? You deserve to be blissfully happy. Your life is precious, as are you. Anything is possible. Keep your dreams close to your heart. Honor them always. Create the life you really want to live.

Write your own story beautifully… one that would be a joy to tell…. and live it!