A long time ago I was feeling down… going through some “stuff”. I stopped at a traffic light behind a car with a license plate that read URLUVED. What a great reminder.  Yes, I was not alone with the circumstances that were troubling me. I was loved. That is really the truth. Loved by God. Loved by my family and friends. I began to feel more relaxed and at peace. I began to realize that there were solutions, and that by asking for them, seeking and believing, that they would show up. And you know what… they did! Bless the person whose car that was for spreading that message far and wide.

A few months later, while driving again, I was behind a car with the license plate BLSED! Yes I thought… I am blessed. It made me smile. While driving, we probably have all seen the wheel covers on the back of a jeep… BE HAPPY! LIFE IS GOOD! Great messages that have us think about our lives and our commitment to our own happiness and well being.

A dear friend of mine was a magnificent painter… a woman of extraordinary talent. She was a deeply spiritual person. She did a very large painting once of a seraphim (an angel). Her style was to paint in layer upon layer of color and pattern. She put the numbers 444 underneath some of the layers of paint in gold, and explained to me that they symbolized heaven for her. Now I get winks from the Universe all the time out of the blue with the numbers 444! They remind me… all is well. I believe it!

I’m sure you have had the experience of hearing a certain word or phrase, or refrain from a song… or of having your eyes alight on something in a given moment; and having the message resonate with you and have relevance to your situation or emotions…. or have meaning to you in some deep way. It’s fun to be aware of these lovely little reminders… these winks from the Universe that uplift and inspire us. Sometimes it is a vision of great beauty in nature that thrills us… a gorgeous sunset, a beautiful garden of flowers… a glorious tree or an explosion of fall colors. Other times it is a living being… a bird, animal or insect that just shows up unexpectedly and symbolizes something for us.

These things make us realize that we are divine beings and that God has created this wonder for us; and that we all have the power to be angels for each other in simple and beautiful ways… a smile, a compliment, an encouraging word. We may never know how we affect another human being… but sharing ourselves and our love is such a wonderful thing to do. I know I felt so much better while driving that day.

So… keep the faith and watch for your own winks from the Universe. Then smile and wink back!

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