What If… You could live your life the way you really want to… live your most cherished dreams? What if!!!?

Abraham-Hicks* calls this the What If Game. The trick to playing the what if game is to keep it focused in the present… with a look to the future.

What is your heart’s desire? What do you really, really want (to be, do, have, experience)?

Children do this naturally. They play with this all the time in a joyful and positive way. They are so in tune with their imaginations and desires.

How did we, as adults, allow our natural enthusiasm, exuberance, and faith to dissipate. How did we let Tinkerbell’s light go out?

Time to get it back! Play with What If. This makes a great journaling prompt. Get a sheet of paper and a pen and write down What If. Make a list of all the wonderful things you would love to happen in your life… all the rich experience you would love to have. Really get in touch with yourself and your true desires. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t allow what you now think is possible or probable to creep into your consciousness. List your heart’s desires. Really use your imagination to create images and feelings of your desires. Be free with this.

What If… I changed my thinking to BELIEVE that I can have the life I desire?

What If…

  • What If… I Can actually create my life and true desires?
  • What If… I can really learn to……?
  • What If… I could actually live there?
  • What If… I could really get fit and healthy?
  • What If… I could be an artist?
  • What If… I could have a job, business, or career I really love?
  • What If… I could find true love?
  • What If… I could travel and see all the places I dream of?

When we say What If… it opens our imaginations to new possibilities, and creates a strong vision of our desires. It makes the feelings well up within us of what it would be like. It gives us hope… that we really can create our desires in our lives. It makes it more real. The feelings and imaginings are actually an attracting factor! Focus on your vision often, and the positive emotions of happiness and freedom that you experience. You will be surprised at what shows up, and the way the Universe will support you.

Really going for your dreams is a decision… and a commitment. Yes, it may still take planning, focus, discipline, effort, and sometimes even courage. But making your vision a reality will be so worth it!

So… what if… you start now?!