Vision Board Workshops

Create Your Own Vision Board!

Creating a vision board is an amazing way to get in touch with your dreams. It is a way to bypass your mind and access your inner world… using your imagination and intuition. It is a visual statement of what you wish to create in your life and a powerful reminder of your vision and purpose… the deeper meaning that your desires are leading you to.

In this workshop we focus on intention and intuition. You will be given a laser journaling prompt before we begin.

Bring any images, words, phrases, quotes, journal entries, inspirations, photos, doodles, etc that you would like to put on your board.

The key word here is RESONANCE.

Magazines, Foam Boards, Scissors and Glue Sticks will be provided.
This workshop will run about three hours.

2023 Vision Board Workshop Schedule

Dates: TBA


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