The book not written. The paintings not painted. The half finished crocheted coverlet tucked away in a closet. The beautiful flower garden not planted. Perhaps most of us can relate to this… the visions and loved projects from our younger days abandoned because of the demands of modern life.

While going through some files and journals recently, I came across some things I wrote many years ago. A whole journal of creative visions that I had planned to turn into paintings! Now, painting has been on the ‘backburner’ of my life for a great number of years. It won’t be front and center unless I make some changes. I am the only one who can do that. You know… actually make plans, and create the time and space for this beautiful and vital part of myself to express in this way, and bring these visions to life on a canvas.

There were other things in those files too. Written pieces, poems etc. How did I ever get so disconnected from them? How did I allow life and ‘to-dos’ to take over? And now, what am I going to do about it?

What about you? Do you have any unfinished creative dreams or projects hidden away? If you bring them out… do they still inspire you, and spark that magical emotional response of joy, passion, and excitement?

Or perhaps you have things that you have always wanted to do or learn. What if now was the time to get in touch with that desire? It is never too late in life to enjoy the things that fascinate or inspire us… to add the pleasure into our daily life in some way.

What if you could re-arrange your life to give these desires top priority… and allow them your time and energy? Imagine how your life can be enriched, and how fulfilling it could be.

I think creating time in our busy lives for things we love and enjoy is a really important thing to do. We can all be busy 24/7… but are we doing things that nurture us… that make our hearts happy and fill our souls with joy and satisfaction?

What would those things be for you? Your life can be enhanced in so many ways if you gift yourself with the activities and pleasurable creative pursuits that you love.