It Starts With A Dream!…

A beautiful life that is. What would it feel like to dream without limits… just you… your thoughts, feelings and inner yearnings… 100% honest, authentic, true to yourself… uncensored dreams… without a care or concern about what is probable or possible? To let your imagination soar freely with a vision of a life that would really delight you. There are so many kernels of truth to be found in your uncensored dreams… so many gems that can enrich your life.

Uncensored… without holding back, without judgments, without stopping yourself because of your current circumstances or beliefs, or about what someone else would think. This is about you… heart and soul… your true feelings… what you value… what lights you up… what will bring you joy… what sparks passion and fascination… what inspires you and has meaning… what makes you feel most alive!

Allow yourself to dream like this. Make time for some quiet, private solitude. Make a date with yourself. Light a candle. Get comfortable. Enjoy the inner journey.  Go into your heart and feel your way to clarity. Ask yourself: What do I really, really want? Become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Become aware of your body and the sensations that each thought and inner vision creates. Allow yourself to fantasize and daydream. Envision yourself living your dreams.

What if we all opened up to the possibility of that… living our dreams… fashioning our lives into our ultimate vision. What if we shifted our mindset to allow new unlimited ideas and opportunities to flow… dreaming freely and then actualizing our dreams?

What would you do? What would you make time for in your life? What newness is asking to be expressed? What fresh energy are you desiring now? Your uncensored dreams will provide the answers and give you the clarity you seek. How will you create delight for yourself? How will you create a life that you love waking up to in the morning?

You are a creator. It is your life to do with as you wish. Claim your dreams for yourself now. Own them and cherish them and live the life you really want to live… one of deep joy and fulfillment!

“Nothing happens unless first we dream”  
~ Carl Sandburg

“Cherish your visions and your dreams… as they are the children of your soul”  
~ Napoleon Hill