To thrive means to flourish and prosper…. to feel good all or most of the time. It means that you are living a happy, healthy life.

Thriving is knowing what makes you happy and being sure to make space for it in your daily life. It is knowing what makes you feel connected and in tune with yourself, God, other people, nature… at peace and in touch in a deep way to your inner being… your soul. It is being aware of your mindset and your energy… the way your life, thoughts, emotions and actions feel. It is acknowledging your dreams and desires.

Thriving means embracing and savoring the rich experiences of life, and cherishing the gift that it is. It means being open to new perspectives, ideas, thoughts and adventures. Deliberately creating sensual delights for yourself and weaving them into the fabric of your everyday life… comforts, beauty, lovely food, etc.

Deborah Szekely (owner of the world-famous Golden Door and Rancho La Puerta Spas) was asked by Peggy Kennedy (editor of Victoria Magazine):

What do you hope your guests will take home with them?

Her answer:

“First, the ability to daydream. Next the ability to ask yourself about everything you do… Is it life enhancing or life diminishing?”

And her comment on aging well:

“One needs to find a sustaining passion, a raison d’etre, something you really think is worth doing.”

I love that simple advice. I also think that to thrive is a deliberate creation… an art and grace to living. I think too that it is an openness to life and new ideas and experiences. Creating excitement, anticipation of new adventures, challenging the status quo. It also has to do with self-expression. Sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit (in a good way)!

A client came into the salon for her haircut and color. She was in her late 40’s, attractive, and with a very classic look… strawberry blond hair cut into a simple bob. She said… I want to speak with you about doing something a little different! I was thinking of making the underneath back of my hair bright purple! I was a little surprised, but fascinated. When we talked further, she explained that she and her husband decided they were not going to say ‘no’ to new things… no matter what other people would think and say! They wanted new and exciting experiences in their lives.

I think that’s great! If you want something, do it! Please yourself! Play. Life should be fun and exciting. New things to anticipate and look forward to. New experiences, inspirations… new people to meet and share with.

Life is too precious to live it by rote in a mundane manner, just checking things off a to-do list. Or living superficially… striving, struggling, or being so exhausted that we barely make it through our days. That is not living… it is merely surviving.

Years ago in Manhattan, I had a boss who was in his 70’s… a force to be reckoned with! He ran two businesses and a full social life. He was engaged with life, people, and the world around him. He was very liberal, and also very opinionated. He was a bit eccentric and was living quite the life! He told me: “The only sin is being bored. Life is a gift… really enjoy it.” Great advice! And a great way to think about and live life!

Now what about you? What would make you really thrive? What new things would you bring into your life? What fresh new ideas will you entertain? What fascinates and inspires you? What are you passionate about? How can you shake things up a bit and create more excitement, more color, more flavor to your days?

Have fun contemplating all the new possibilities and experiences you would like to have in your life! And I hope you create a life you truly love and that you too will thrive!