Many of us have made some New Year’s Resolutions. Have You? Now that we are a few weeks into the year… how are you feeling about them? How are they working out?

I’d like to offer the perspective of ease and enjoyment. Be gentle with yourself. Think about your desires. Try not to take everything on at once. Perhaps just focus on a few at a time. Don’t push so hard. Make it enjoyable… even fun! You know… Happy Life!

Want to drop a few pounds and be more energetic and fit? Make it a celebration of health and well-being. Make a list of your favorite foods and lighten them up a bit. Add more colorful fruits and vegetables. Explore other cuisines and try something new. Put on some loud upbeat dance music and dance around your living room for a half hour. Have fun with it!

Trying to achieve something? Remember your passion and purpose… your deeper why. Stay inspired.

Really want to change your lifestyle or job/career? Get crystal clear on your desire and your values. Create a compelling vision for yourself and follow through one small step at a time. Keep the faith and believe you will create your life as you wish it to be.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. We are meant to enjoy our lives and our everyday moments even while creating our dreams. So… relax and play with your New Year’s Resolutions. You chose them to make you feel happy and good… so be happy and feel good now!