As a woman in your second half of life… taking stock of life can be crucial… re-evaluating your values, dreams, hopes, desires, beliefs; how you are living day to day… and what really has meaning for you now.

What do you love and appreciate about your life? What do you wish you can change… really… what do you daydream and fantasize about? What have you always wanted to do, but never gotten around to? What experiences would you still like to have? What passions and interests would you still like to explore?

Passion is a huge factor… coupled with true desire!

Are you living the life you have always imagined? Do you enjoy your everyday life? Is there something you have always wanted to do, experience, or have? What is your vision for your life? How do you really want to live? What can you begin to do to move yourself closer to what your vision is? What changes would be necessary to gift yourself with the life of your dreams?

Transitions and transformations… we are always changing and evolving. What we desire changes with us. It is the nature of life. It takes courage and bravery to make the hard decisions and the big or radical changes that have long been desired… but the sense of freedom and empowerment is there for you if you so choose!

If you really made the decision to go for it… is there anyone you would have to disappoint in the process… or some boundaries you would have to establish first? Sometimes the really difficult aspects of relationships can be complex. How can you boost your courage and remain true to your own heart? How can you establish a win-win, while still changing the things that are most important to you? To live a happy life… honoring yourself, your values, and your true desires is of paramount importance.

Authenticity = Joy

Be truly, grandly, honestly yourself. Know what you want. Make the decision and the commitment to have it. Remember… anything of true value to you is worth finding the courage for. If you have a true desire, then you have all within yourself to make it happen. Your happiness matters. Begin! Your time is now!

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”
Joseph Campbell