What you thought was secure… was not. You got slammed. All your plans blew up. All you worked for evaporated. Unforeseen events and changes rocked your world.

After the shock and depression, and the “what’s the use anymore”… time to regroup.

What if you can make it better than ever? What if you can make re-creating your life a joyous adventure? What if you really can believe in unlimited possibilities?

This takes Faith, Optimism, Clarity, and Confidence.

Faith says: Let go of the lesser to receive the greater… Believe… Have faith that God (The Universe, A Higher Power) has your back… That you are not grappling with your situation alone. Seek and ye shall find.

Optimism says: Wonderful new opportunities and possibilities exist… be aware… honor your intuition. The universe is abundant. There is no lack. There is enough under the sun for everyone.

Clarity says: Really be clear about what you truly desire at this stage of your life. Create a detailed and specific vision of what you want. Imagine it. Feel the joy of having it. Let go of what you now believe is possible or probable. Spend time envisioning your new life… very powerful!

Confidence says: All you have lived… the knowledge, skills, wisdom, strengths, your natural abilities and talents… are yours to take with you on your new journey. Stand tall! Believe in yourself! You possess everything within you to make your vision a reality.

Begin now to seek out ways to bring your vision to life. Invite in the people, ideas, and opportunities. If it feels right, then proceed. If it does not, then don’t. Honor your feelings and your values. Keep yourself inspired. Stay with what has meaning and purpose in your life. Refrain from making muddled decisions out of desperation or despair. The questions to ask yourself now are: Will this contribute to my joy and well-being? Will it be fun to live this every day? Does it match my vision? Does my body relax or tense when I ponder this decision? Will it bring me my desired life?

You can start over again*, no matter how old you are. Many women have done it. Life is constantly changing and evolving, bringing with it many new chances and delights. This time… yes this time! Wishing you joy on your new adventure. May the new life you create for yourself be all you have dreamed of!

*Read “Starting All Over Later In Life”: