Sometimes life can be unpredictable… and that can be a bold understatement… especially for those who find themselves having to start over later in life! It may be the result of a relationship ending and the chaos that can ensue emotionally, financially, and physically… (selling a home, moving etc.). It may be because of a job layoff or a business failing after so many years of hard work, or because of investments that did not yield the expected returns. It may simply be retirement, an empty nest, or the urge for something different. Whatever the reason, it could be devastating and wreak havoc on your well being and peace of mind… if you let it. So… how do you “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again?”

Some things to ponder that may help:
• Clarity
• Passion
• Vision
• Innovative Thinking
• Commitment
• Faith in a Higher Power and in Yourself
• A fresh perspective that is optimistic… life as a grand adventure!

For clarity… take stock of your life. What is in place that you cherish and feel thankful for? Starting with all your blessings is always uplifting. Then really tune into yourself in a deep way. Ask yourself… what do I really want my life to be like? If I could live my life my way… what would I create for myself? Think about the people and things that have meaning for you… the things you are passionate about and that you love. Think about the way you would like to spend your days. Think about what is essential to your happiness, well being, and fulfillment. Think about all the wisdom, knowledge, and skills you possess… these are the gifts you will bring to your new life, business, or profession. If you are facing a move… think about the kind of home you would love to create and in what environment. If you are looking for another job… vow to yourself that it’s going to be the best job for you… one that makes you happy and meets all your needs and desires. Perhaps you would love to start your own business… really feel into what that would be… what talents and gifts you would bring to it that would be a joy to express every day.

The key here is to use your imagination and think in new ways… and also be really honest with yourself about what you really desire at this stage of your life. Starting over can be a gift! Creating something brand new can be so exciting! It could allow the freedom to create life in a way that gives you all you ever dreamed of and more. Create a vision for yourself that is so real, so compelling, so detailed and specific, so very colorful. See yourself living your vision. Feel the joy of it. Believe that it is possible! Pray and ask for guidance from God. Be still and silent every day… meditate… you will know what to do… the answers will come. Keep the faith! Keep your thinking in alignment with your vision and banish fear, doubt, and negativity immediately. Keep your vision alive by focusing on it often. Make a commitment to yourself and the vision that you are calling forth and creating. Next make a plan and start to implement it… taking one step at a time!

BEGIN! Give yourself a brand new fresh start… A new perspective… Life as a grand adventure! Do it your way! Start over and make it better than ever!