Remembering younger days… feeling beautiful… everyday… all dressed up… the flirtatious adventure of NYC. The gorgeous glamour of it all! Made me smile! And got me thinking…

Getting older now… there is a peace in accepting and embracing the changes the years bring. But I think that to be happy as we get older it is still important to honor our feminine hearts and our desire to look and feel pretty. The nurturing of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is essential. Romancing ourselves and our lives with the ‘womanly arts’… the return to glamour and sensuality… celebrating our femininity every day. This may take a bit more effort but is so worth it. Being aware of what makes us look and feel good, and honoring ourselves everyday in the simple joys of womanhood that are so integral to our happiness and well-being can make such a difference in our lives.

A few years ago I had to stop by the home of a friend to return something to her. She answered the door in a lovely caftan. She looked so graceful and pretty… and very comfortable too. Her home reflected this beauty as well… there were candles and music. She was simply relaxing at home. When we put beauty in our lives it affects us in such a positive way. This really impressed me and became something I wanted to cultivate in my life as well.

Simple things that you can do that will make a huge difference in how you feel everyday and enhance your experience of your life…

• Dressing up in pretty clothes in colors and fabrics that you love and that feel good on your skin. Pretty lingerie too… and comfortable. Get rid of anything that you dislike and that makes you feel less than beautiful when you wear it!
• Putting on make-up… for yourself alone. It could be just a flick of mascara and lipstick… but every time you pass a mirror it will make you feel good. Oh… and when you catch a glimpse of yourself… smile!
• Your favorite scent… using bath gel, soap, or cologne that you love… you get to enjoy it all day. Even laundry soap that makes your clothes smell wonderful is lovely.
• Wearing your favorite jewelry… even to the supermarket. Why leave it in a box? Enjoy it now!
• Glam up… try a new haircut or color…really love your hair, new cosmetics… perhaps a new shade of lipstick, get your teeth whitened and your eyebrows done… all the girly stuff! We love it!
• Putting sensuality in your life every day. The way you feel, speak, move. Doing things with grace. Think of all your senses. Create beauty and pleasure for each one. Take time to savor the moments… one by one. Enjoyment of yourself, your body, your senses, your life!
• Creating a beautiful ambience in your home. Having things around you that are lovely and comfortable.  Making everyday life special in all the little ways!

All of these things can enhance your happiness and well-being on a day to day basis. When a woman is truly happy with herself and enjoying who she is… she exudes a certain aura… a presence that is desirable and attractive.

So while it is fun to remember the wolf whistles and flirtations of younger days… it is also wonderful to embrace this stage of life, and make it extraordinary and lovely. A return to glamour! Yes… we are older… but we can still feel beautiful and celebrate the grace of our womanhood and the joy of who we are.