I’ve been feeling a great desire for re-connection. This past year and a half has been very isolating, for me… and for most people. The global devastation and sadness of the pandemic has forced us to be extremely cautious about venturing out. It has also made us hold our loved ones closer and deeply appreciate the preciousness of our lives.

I feel the need to re-connect with those I have shared my life with in some way…acquaintances and friends from years past and present. Everyone seems so dear to me right now, and I am so thankful of the blessings they have brought to my life.

Now that we are starting to emerge a bit more… I find myself anticipating new experiences and relishing time with family and friends.

I am also extremely aware of the gift of my own life. I want to be fully present, I want to really taste life and consciously make choices that create joy and happiness. I have been contemplating… what is true for me right now… what do I want?

It is this… Deep connection to myself, God, people. Not just skimming by on the surface. Not mundane. Not superficial. A life of creativity, fulfillment, joy, laughter, intimacy, kindness. Realness. Connection.

How about you? What are your thoughts, feelings, and desires? What new experiences would you love to have? What and whom are you holding dear? What really has meaning now? What new adventures would you like to have? What new thing would you like to learn or try?

This is our time to make our lives wonderful! Let’s make grand plans!