As spring blooms around us in its’ lush display of beauty… flowers in a gorgeous array of colors… newly unfurled leaves of bright green… a fresh, lovely scent in the air, everything looks brand new!

How can we bring that fresh, new energy into our lives?

Recently I wrote about clearing the old and extraneous out of our homes. This is a great time to freshen and renew our inner landscape as well… clearing outdated ideas, assumptions, beliefs about ourselves and our lives; as well as old thought patterns such as “I can’t because..”, I’m too old to…”, “I’m not good enough to…”, “What will people think of me if…”, etc.

It’s time to toss them out with the rest of the clutter! Clear out the gunk and the junk! What have you been telling yourself lately? What does your inner dialogue feel like? These old ways of thinking and the feelings they create do not serve you… they do not create happiness and well-being in your life.

Bring the freshness of spring into your inner life. Start fresh. Ask yourself: “Does this thought create delight for me?” If the answer is no, eliminate it from your life forever and replace it with one that does.

Your awareness will sharpen. You will begin to notice your thoughts and feelings and consciously choose those that feel good. The impact on your life will amaze you. You will begin to feel a fresh energy… a new confidence. You will start to feel happy. You will see new possibilities for your life and a creative flow.

Match your inner world to the beauty of the outer world. Really focus on the beauty around you. Take time to savor the sensual delights of the season. Create time just to be. Look for the joy in the present moment. Be really kind to yourself in thought, word and deed.

Treat yourself like the lovely being you are. It’s spring! Make your life bloom too!