What past generations of women thought of as a midlife crisis, really is something very different. It is your soul nudging you and asking …what’s next? What other adventure are we going to have now? What are we going to do, enjoy, learn, experience in this incredible world? What new fulfillment is here for me? What fun? How do I want to live now?

Midlife crisis… nah! We’re too busy… too vibrant and engaged with life… too interested in this fascinating world and the people in it! We also possess a kind of fearlessness to go after our dreams… a determination that we will prevail… that our happiness matters. We are more independent and savvy than past generations… and therefore we are more empowered.

It’s wonderful how many women are embracing new changes in their lives… starting new businesses, following their passions and pursuing their creative impulses… traveling, changing careers, moving to new locales, learning new things.

The next time you feel discontented, restless, or unhappy… or, if you find yourself complaining about something… stop, get quiet and pay attention. Ask yourself… what is this really about? What disappointment is there… what regret or unwanted circumstance? What am I unhappy or upset about? Knowing what you don’t want causes you to know what you do want (Abraham-Hicks). Put your attention on what you now want to create and the changes you deeply desire for your life. Believe they are possible and start taking the necessary steps to begin. Keep yourself inspired and adopt a fresh new attitude that you can and will bring about the changes that will lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Listen to your heart and soul. Stay in touch with your true feelings.

You’ve got this! You have everything it takes to lead your best life ever!
Midlife Crisis? Nah!