Did you ever look around and notice that you have a lot of stuff? It all might be neatly organized, but do you like it or use it anymore?

     It’s spring and I’ve been on a real organization kick lately. It’s a great time to clear out and lighten up. The longer I have lived, the more I have gathered… objects, books, furnishings, gifts from long ago, saved information, etc. It’s time again to sift through everything. I have done this periodically throughout my life, and I love the feelings of freedom and order this brings me. It feels wonderful!

     Here is the technique I use:

     Narrow your focus… one room… one small area. Choose a wall. “Read” it from left to right, top to bottom, like a book. With every object (one at a time), ask yourself these questions:

• Do I absolutely love it?
• Do I absolutely need it?
• If the answer is no, what is it doing in my space?
• How sentimental am I about it? No guilt… just real feelings that evoke love and happy memories.

     For example… Do I love the curtains on this window… the picture on this wall… the knickknacks on this shelf or tabletop? Is there anything here that I really need?

     Anything that you are indifferent to or don’t like or use anymore goes! Remember to take one object at a time. If it delights you, it stays. You can work your way around the room this way… one wall at a time. It is actually simple and feels great to claim back your space. You can do this room by room, and with your bookshelves, cabinets, drawers and closets too. This takes time… so don’t get overwhelmed. Remember… narrow focus. Start small. Put on some great music and enjoy the process. With the items that you are eliminating… get them out of your space quickly! You can donate them, have a yard sale, or sell them on ebay or craig’s list.

     The best part is when you are done. You will really enjoy your home and possessions, and since everything has been organized in the process… you actually know where everything is!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”
William Morris