Many of us are living life at a very fast pace these days… handling the demands of jobs, homes, families, etc. We have long to-do lists, and we’re never without our cell phones, blackberries and computers. We have become very adept at juggling many things at once; but we are seldom fully present to our current experience.

 If this is the way you are living now… let me ask you… In the midst of the rushing here and there, the myriad details to keep track of, the striving and the stress… where are you in your own life? Where is the enjoyment, the pleasure, the fun?

 Perhaps it’s time to try something a little bit radical…

Take Back Your Life!

If this sounds selfish to you… Good! Consider this… the more you nurture yourself, the more fulfilled you feel… the happier you become. Your experience of your life is greatly enhanced. The quality of your relationships is also positively affected, because when you share yourself with the people around you, they get the best of you.

 So… sit down, get comfortable, get very quiet, and begin to think about your life right now. Give some deep thought to what you are giving your time and energy to… day after day… the activities, the people, the objects.

 As you examine the different aspects of your life… notice what thoughts and feelings arise for you. Where is there resonance? Where is there resistance? What has meaning for you? What doesn’t? What is the overall feeling of your life? Do you wake up happy? Are you enjoying your life, or are you completely overwhelmed with too much to do?

 What would your life be like if you arranged it so that a high priority daily included self care and pleasurable pursuits that you enjoy? What can you release, change, or delegate from your existing schedule so that you can claim an hour or two everyday just for yourself? Your time to do with as you wish… to look forward to everyday. Perhaps you would enjoy those beautiful books that have been on your bookshelf forever, or plant that garden you have dreamed of. Or maybe take out the paints or the musical instrument that have been tucked away for some time. The point is to do something that brings you joy. Not all pleasurable pastimes have to be productive however. You might just want to relax and watch the evening light change hue on the walls! Staring up into sun-dappled leaves while daydreaming, or watching the rain fall and letting your thoughts and feelings wash over you can be simply wonderful (think Thoreau)! Most important is the feeling that this is your time and yours alone! No guilt… nothing else tugging at your attention.

 We all have the power to make ourselves happy. It is living life fully awake and aware to the present…. enjoying small pleasures and moments of rich experience that sprinkle our existence with magic. These are the gifts that we enjoy when we deliberately open all our senses to the wonders of life. It is everyday life. It is right here, right now. When we grant ourselves the time for joy and relaxation it allows us to be in touch with ourselves and those around us on a much deeper level. We might also inspire others in our lives to do the same for themselves! Happiness is contagious!