A Grand Adventure! That sounds so fun! That’s my new motto! A super-charged intention if you will. Now to dream and plan and make it my new reality. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately… what would I regret not doing in my life. I came up with a few things that are really dear to me.

How about you? What are three to five things that you would regret not doing in your life… things that are deeply important to you and would bring you happiness, well-being, contentment and fulfillment? What would your Grand Adventure be? There’s a whole magnificent world out there filled with precious people, nature, ideas, cultures, the arts, philosophy, science, spirituality, etc. What fascinates? What inspires? What draws you in?

A huge factor in living life to the fullest is clarifying what your true desires and dreams are! Another is believing that you really can have the life you envision. When you go within yourself and search your heart and soul… what is there? What is your truth? What do you love? How do you want to feel every day? Make a list of everything you want to say YES! to in your life… everything you want to do, experience, learn, see, have, be. Be Bold. Really come up with things that would put a huge smile on your face. Imagine living them. Decide to have them. What would you do with your days? Who would you share your time with? Where would you be?

What changes can you make now to begin to bring your dreams to life? The rest of your life starts with today! I know, I know… so cliché. But true none the less. Now. This is your life. It is an exquisite gift. What decisions and choices can you make… what actions can you take… that will bring you closer to living your vision of what you REALLY want your life to be? Play with this! Fantasize! Imagine! Then make it happen… start planning and doing… make it real. Start now!

Make the rest of your life a Grand Adventure!