No… I don’t mean the glamorous movies from the 1940’s. I am referring to the drab, colorless, long drawn out old melodramas with a tedious, boring plot that just did not make sense.  An analogy, really, for when you are living life feeling disconnected and out of touch with yourself. Day in and day out… caught up in the mundane details… the demands to do this and do that… constant busyness. And the day goes… along with your life. How do you find deeper meaning and inspiration when life feels routine, bland and flat? How do you put the color back? How can you begin to feel vibrant and alive again?

Many of us put ourselves, our needs, desires and dreams on the “back burner” and rise up to meet the demands of family, jobs, and home etc.

How do you bring yourself back to a place of importance in your own life? It is imperative to refocus your attention on what is truly important to YOU. Right Now… what you deeply desire and truly need to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

The first step, obviously, is to give yourself some quiet, alone time to ask yourself just that… to feel your feelings and think your thoughts… just you for yourself. What would delight you and bring you joy? Get deeply in touch with yourself… and be honest. What do you love about your life? What would you like to change? Think about how you spend your days. Is there anything you would like to eliminate, let go of, or delegate? What do you need to take care of and maintain? How do you really feel about it? Could you make that simpler or get help? What would you like to add into your life? Perhaps important self care and some activity that would bring you pleasure and fulfillment… a passion or interest of yours that you would love to devote time to. Maybe you would like to make time for moments of joy and laughter with those you love… family and friends.

Once you sort that out… the next step is to look at a typical day, week, month… and restructure it. Design how you would like your life to look. Plan a new schedule… one that includes self care and pleasure. Leave in some open space and breathing room… all twenty-four hours do not have to be full. Make sure that you get enough rest and relaxation. Put in some fun and playtime too. Make a list of things you would love to do!

Now take the necessary steps to move into action. Enlist the help and support of your loved ones. Create some boundaries if you need to. Begin to create the life you have envisioned… the life that will feel good to live every day. It is really up to you. Make a commitment to yourself!

Life is a precious gift… meant to be enjoyed. When we cherish this gift and feel happy, vibrant and fully alive… when we deeply love our lives and the way we live them every day… that is how we put the color back!

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.”