I love the idea of deliberately creating life to match a loved and cherished vision of one’s deepest desires and dreams. To actually design and arrange life for fulfillment, happiness, and enjoyment.

I was first introduced to this perspective of personal choices in the 80’s… from people like Barbara Sher (who I consider the mother of life coaching) in her wonderful books, and also the brilliant and amazing author and workshop leader Shakti Gawain.

To craft a personal, authentic vision for your life… four simple (but profound) things should be considered and contemplated honestly with care and awareness.

  • What do you really, really want? What are the dreams of your heart?
  • What do you really need to be happy, nurtured, and fulfilled?
  • Who do you love? Who are the most important people in your life?
  • What do you love? What are you passionate about? What holds deep meaning for you?

Are you living the life you really want to live? What are the obstacles to that? What would have to be present in your life to make it the way you wish it to be? What would delight and fulfill you?

What would make you look back on your life when you are very, very, (VERY!) old; and smile with happiness and satisfaction… and a feeling of deep peace and contentment with who you are and how you have lived? Now that’s something to think about!

Clarity has to come first. One cannot create something without knowing what to create. Our lives won’t magically change for the better unless we first start to pay attention to ourselves, and our real feelings, dreams and desires… and then to honor them. Then we can begin to make the choices and changes that will nurture our happiness and well-being in all *aspects of our lives. Think emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Start to play in your imagination. Explore all the wonderful possibilities for your life. Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize (even if you’re a hard-core realist). What if…? What would it be like if I…? I always wanted to…! Maybe I could do it this way! Perhaps I could make that happen! It’s important to keep your imagination free and unfettered.

Visualize your ideal life in great detail. Be colorful! Be specific! Write down your vision. Create a vision board. What would you absolutely love waking up to in the morning? What new adventures and experiences would you like to have? What would you be doing? Who would you be seeing? What is your home like? What do you truly love? Most of all… how would you feel?

Now think about what is really essential to your happiness, fulfillment and well-being. Start brainstorming how to include those things into your everyday life now. Let inspiration guide you to begin to make the changes to make your vision a reality. Plan and do. Challenge the status quo. Life by design, not default. Gift yourself with a life that truly delights you.

May you create a magnificent vision of your life as it could be… and may the reality of your vision manifest beautifully!


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.”
~ Carl Jung


*The Ten Aspects Of Life:

Family/Friends ~ Health/Well-Being ~ Fun/Play ~ Creativity ~ Personal Growth ~ Home/Environment ~ Money/Wealth ~ Spirit ~ Love/Romance ~ Work/Career