Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to all the things I still want to do. Some of my dreams have been in the background of my life for many years… I have allowed the busyness of life to overshadow them. I realized that I must keep my dreams alive! I must take control of my life, my time, and my dreams so that I can fulfill them!

“Nothing Happens Unless First We Dream”  
 ~Carl Sandburg

We all have responsibilities and commitments in our lives… families, homes, jobs etc. In short… things we have to do. Sometimes we are quite content with it all… we have arranged our lives to align with our needs, desires and vision. Our lives have purpose and meaning. But sometimes we can experience overwhelm, discontent and the desire for change. We can no longer ignore the dreams that we have abandoned that are seeking expression and actualization.

“The Things That Matter Most Should Never Be At The Mercy Of The Things that Matter Least”      ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is vital to our lives and happiness to pay attention to what we are feeling… to give our needs and desires a high priority on our ‘to think’ and ‘to do list’! Creating time for our dreams can make a huge difference in the way we feel every day.

So, in essence… in order to realize our dreams within the context of our daily lives, we must be deliberate about keeping them alive by allowing the time and space for them… by imagining, dreaming and planning! Yes! Give life to your dreams! Since everything in our universe is energy… keep your dream alive by giving it positive mental and emotional energy every day. Visualize it. Feel the joy of it. This is basic Law Of Attraction… like attracts like. Start to plan and do!

“Cherish Your Visions And Your Dreams… As They Are The Children Of Your Soul”
~Napoleon Hill

Want to go to Europe? Then start to plan and dream about your trip. Take one or two hours out of your week and watch travel videos and read big, glossy picture books of the countries and places you would like to visit. Attend talks and slide shows at libraries. Use the internet to learn about cultures. Cull information from travel agents and friends and acquaintances that have been to the places you would love to go to.

Have a desire to create art or paint? Go to galleries and museums… look at art books and art instruction videos. Keep yourself inspired. Take a class… be a beginner. No one was born with a paintbrush in their hand… remember… talent is inborn, but know-how is acquired. Do it for the fun and joy of it. Immerse yourself in the sensuality of color and texture. Enjoy the process and let go of the end result for awhile. Give yourself the gift of the time and space to create art… every single week!

Are you thinking of changing jobs or careers to satisfy your passion, purpose, or interest in a particular area? Find people whose passion matches yours and ask them to meet with you to discuss it. Research what you must do to work in that arena. Read as much as you can and then formulate a plan to actualize your dream! Take your first class if education is a pre-requisite. Start now!

Perhaps you would like to buy or build your dream house. Start imagining the joy of living there. Clip out photos from magazines… keep a dream house folder. Decorate it in your mind. Decide that you will indeed have it… even if you don’t know how or when.

You get the idea… whatever your dream is… keep it alive and active… by giving it time and good energy. Please don’t give up on it or negate it. You deserve to realize your dreams. You deserve a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment… and of rich and wonderful experiences. So… keep your dreams alive!

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”
~Walt Disney song