What do you do when all your plans get smashed… when life throws you a curveball… when things beyond your control disrupt your life; and you find yourself floundering in bewilderment, anger and fear?

Sometimes unexpected things happen… a job layoff, a business closing, an uncertain move, the end of a relationship. All of these can propel us into emotional turmoil. The confusion can be overwhelming.

I always think of a sign I saw when I was in England:


This is not always so easy to do under extreme circumstances! But all answers come from clarity. One cannot make decisions from a place of desperation, fear, or confusion.

So… when we are in the thick of it… how do we ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’? Here are some ways to help you do just that.

  • Extreme Self Care… Really nurture yourself body, mind, heart, and soul… every creature comfort you can think of
  • Meditation… Bring yourself to a place of stillness and peace
  • Prayer… Keep the faith. Ask for guidance. Believe.
  • Journaling… Connection to your inner world… your thoughts and feelings… your ideas and observations… your desires, hopes and dreams
  • Self Knowledge… Know what you truly desire and how you want to live … your values and what would fulfill you and make you happy
  • Acknowledging Your Emotions… And the thoughts behind them… especially if you find yourself slipping into fear
  • Making Lists… Of anything relevant… so therapeutic
  • Time Out… Just Be… Let it all go for awhile and take a breather
  • Distraction/ Laughter… Funny movies or books, funny videos on You Tube, beautiful travel books or books and magazines on a subject that you are passionate about… a project that you would like to work on
  • Appreciation/Blessings… Make a list of all in your life that is good and wonderful that you are thankful for
  • Believing In Yourself… You know who you are! Make a list of all the qualities that you know you possess… your wisdom, strengths, skills etc
  • Surround Yourself With Positive, Supportive People… You want to be inspired and uplifted… not to commiserate and dwell on the negative
  • Read… Uplifting and inspiring books
  • Framing… This is one small chapter of your whole life… things will change and evolve… better than ever
  • Movement… Exercise/Dance… Moving your body releases pent up emotion and negative energy (motion/emotion). It also puts feel good hormones into your bloodstream!
  • Soothing Or Upbeat Music… Instant emotional boost and mood changer!
  • Nature/Appreciation Of Beauty… Really notice the beauty around you… look deeper. Feeling the earth under your feet will ground you. Breathe deeply of the fresh air. Refresh yourself. Look at beautiful art. Read poetry.

By consciously and deliberately bringing our attention, thoughts and actions to ways to calm down and regain our center, we can shift our mental and emotional state. In this way we can love ourselves through the chaos… gently… until the inner turmoil subsides and the clouds and fog lift… and we can begin to ask ourselves: What now? What’s next? What do I really want to create in my life now?

When we can relax and get ourselves to a place of clarity about our desires… then we open ourselves to new possibilities and empowered choices that honor our values and support our happiness.

Yes… our happiness! We all deserve to be happy and enjoy life. It is possible!