A woman I admire and think the world of… a woman of deep spiritual commitment, compassion, wisdom, and grace… a joyous woman with a pure heart… a woman who speaks from her soul… an intelligent woman with healthy self respect who knows who she really is… a woman who comes from a place of love in her relationships and life… a woman I am blessed to have as a friend…

Well… this woman was at a conference with a group she belongs to, and when the other women were asked to introduce themselves, she noticed that they all described themselves by their professions. She however had chosen to work in her profession for a few years… then devoted her time to raising her children… all the while volunteering and supporting a variety of causes that have deep meaning to her. But she described herself as “just a stay at home housewife.” I couldn’t believe it!

We are not our professions or accomplishments. We are so much more than that. We do not have to justify our existence or our worth. We are precious human beings.

“Just a ….” is such a sad phrase. Modesty? Self Deprecation? Why do we put others on a pedestal because of their credentials and then compare and under value ourselves and our lives?

It is time we adopt a self concept of deep respect and reverence for who we are instead of what we do. Self love is healthy and essential to happiness.

“Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy”
~Theodore Roosevelt