A Brand New Year!

With enthusiasm we grab our pen and paper and, following tradition, make a very ambitious list of resolutions. Usually though, by the end of January we are finding them very difficult to keep. Resolutions sound grit your teeth hard. They sound full of resignation and strife. They simply do not feel happy.

But Dreams! Ah Yes! Dreams!

That brings a smile. That has a happy vibe. What do you really wish to experience this year? What do you deeply desire… to be, have, do? How do you want to feel? What will nurture and fulfill you? Dreaming makes the New Year feel ripe with possibility. Dreams light your path. They are winks from your heart and soul. Close your eyes for a few moments . Go within yourself. Let your imagination soar free. How do you want to live? What newness do you want to bring into your life? Think of things that really resonate and light you up. What will contribute to your happiness and well-being.? Perhaps you may want to nourish your creativity and get your hands into clay or paint. Or mentally you crave stimulation… what do you want to read or learn about? Maybe you are yearning for a lifestyle change… a new business or profession… or a move to a totally different environment. You may want to feel more energetic and fit. What do you want the New Year to bring you?

A fun way to think about this is to imagine it is the last day of the year and you are looking back in wonder and appreciation at the fabulous year you have had. What has happened? What have you experienced? What has fulfilled you?

Make Your List Of Dreams!

Write them all down. Believe they are possible. Now… what do you do to create them? Perhaps begin new healthy rituals in your life (notice… I did not say habits… sounds too heavy…. rituals sound much more enticing and self-loving). Maybe a new learning adventure that you are passionate about that will put you on the path to your dream. You can have what you desire. Think through the steps you would have to take and the changes you must make. Start to plan now. Put your dreams on your calendar. Claim them and make them real. Have fun with this. Keep it joyful and celebratory! This is your life after all! 

Your dreams should have a very high priority in your life. You are the only one who can make yourself happy. When you commit to your own happiness… magic happens!