Looking forward to a new year, most people are filled with high hopes. This Year! This year I will ………..! The beginning of a brand new year always feels like a fresh start… filled with possibilities… new experiences… the chance for our hopes, dreams, and desires to be realized.

So what do you hope for? What newness do you want to beckon into your life?

Sometimes it is wonderful to just withdraw… pull in your energy for awhile… really be quiet and still and let your thoughts and feelings calm… focusing within to gain clarity and peace. What is your inner truth? What has purpose and meaning? What do you love, cherish, and revere? What makes you feel happy and brings an instant smile to your face? What are you passionate about? What is fun for you?

Contemplating these self inquiries can bring tremendous understanding and resolve to our lives. It can help us change where we put our time and energy on a daily basis. It brings us to what is most important, and allows us to make the decision and commitment to create our lives according to our inner vision and knowing.

Life can get chaotic and hectic. We are bombarded daily with thousands of words, images and information to sort through… consciously or unconsciously. We have to remember that we are in control… of our lives and our time. We have the power to choose where we place our attention and how we structure our days. Doing so consciously with intention and deep awareness will permit us to live in tune with ourselves… bringing feelings of authenticity, fulfillment and satisfaction.

I love the expression: Keep The Best & Leave The Rest!  What in your life would you wholeheartedly keep? What would you let go of? How can you organize your days to do more of what you enjoy and inspire a sense of ease and well-being? How can you nurture your creativity and give quality time to what delights you heart and soul!

This is your life!!! Right here, right now! It is time to make your high hopes a reality! It is vital to your happiness! May it be so!