While putting on my make-up recently, I thought: Wow… I am getting older! And I decided… Oh well, I can’t do anything about that; BUT… I could choose to take really good care of myself so that I’m healthy, happy, nourished, nurtured, and fulfilled… which will put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes!

I think there is a big difference between getting older and being old.

I have met women who seemed old by their negative outlook on life, their demeanor, and the expression on their faces; even though their biological age was fairly young.

Conversely, I have met women who were quite old… but absolutely lovely. They had Light in their eyes (said twinkle)… warm and beautiful. They loved life and were fully present and engaged. They were interested in the world and people… they were fascinated by many things and by fresh new ideas. They loved and appreciated themselves too. They knew who they were and honored themselves and their values at all times. They had presence. Their energy was upbeat and attractive, and they led lives of their own choosing. They had a great sense of humor too, and they saw and acknowledged the good in everyone.

Seeing the beauty in all the stages of one’s life is key here… accepting them with a state of grace. The alternative would make us miserable every day. Life is such a gift, and we live in this beautiful world! Our lives can become our own creations of great beauty and enjoyment.

As we get older we have so much life experience, which brings wisdom and self knowledge. At different stages of life we may want and choose different things. It is so important to be aware of our inner world… what we are thinking and feeling… what is truly important to us NOW. We must be really honest with ourselves. Then we can make choices that create health and happiness and a life we enjoy waking up to in the morning.

Then when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror, we will be pleased. Older… yes… but vibrant, radiant and full of life! We will see a soft smile on our lips and joy in our hearts. Our eyes will shine with our optimism and zest for living.

Yes! That’s for me! How about you?