A few weeks ago I was at a club listening to live music with my sister and some of our friends. One of the singers was incredibly talented. Her voice had an exceptional quality of beauty… pure, strong and powerful. The feeling she put forth from her heart and soul was genuine and raw. She touched us all emotionally and gave us an experience within ourselves.

One of our friends, deeply awestruck, exclaimed: “What a gift that woman has! Thank goodness she got off the couch!”

What she meant of course, was that she was happy and thankful to have experienced this woman sing, and that it had touched her in some way (she received the gift). Being a singer herself, she knew the commitment, dedication, and effort it took for the woman to have developed her talent and skill to perform that way.

How many of us have talents and gifts that we take for granted, that come to us naturally, but that we do not make the time for in our lives? Gifts and talents don’t need to be in the arts… they could be anything; cooking, nurturing, gardening… any interest or fascination at all.

What are your gifts to give? You know what they are for you. Are you using them… enjoying them and bestowing them on yourself and others? Or are you ignoring them or devaluing them because they seem easy or are natural to you? Maybe you put them off till “someday” because you are caught up in the mundane aspects of life. Or perhaps you know you have a natural affinity or talent for something, but it needs to be practiced and developed. Have you acknowledged and claimed your passions, gifts, and talents? How might your life be enriched if you made them an integral part of your life?

It takes effort to go after your dreams and actualize your potential. It takes passion, desire, commitment… and a whole lotta love! It takes making it a high priority… planning and scheduling it into your life and your day, week, month, year. It takes bringing yourself to a place of belief… even when it’s hard… going for your dream… no matter what… believing in yourself and your gifts and talents even when you stumble and lose faith. It takes…

Getting Off The Couch!

“Don’t die with your music still inside you”
…Dr. Wayne W. Dyer