The fun of re-designing your life? What? I originally started this article with the title: Restless Spirit… The Longing To Re-Invent Your Life, because that is how I was feeling at the time.

Did you ever get restless and feel like you wanted to re-invent your life… keep the best and let go of the rest? Did you ever feel like you want to live deeper, freer… spread your arms and embrace the precious and sacred life you have? Celebrate and enjoy the gift… reach deep within yourself and feel the love that you are… create and live… uninhibited, wild and free! To honor the desire for a juicy life, full of richer experiences… more color, adventures, purpose, meaning, passion, creativity… deeper connections and simple intimacies… with yourself, loved ones, God, nature, the other precious humans and animals on this planet. To have the feeling of being vibrantly alive and aware… to really enjoy your life every day.

To live this way takes a lot of soul searching… it is imperative to become extremely clear. That takes reflection, contemplation and total honesty with yourself. It means asking the hard questions… feeling the uncomfortable emotions… acknowledging the nagging thoughts that you try to push away. It takes exploring and discovering what in your life makes you truly happy, and knowing what fulfills you and gives you delicious satisfaction and contentment. It also means examining your beliefs… about yourself, your life, what is possible. It is admitting to yourself what you are discontented with and why. And realizing what lights you up… what fascinates you. What renews your energy and what drains it. What would add more color and passion to your life? It means knowing yourself and what your heart desires NOW… at this point in your life.

Once you have that kind of clarity… then it’s time to play! Now the fun begins! It’s time to put the spotlight on your life and the way you live day to day.  It’s time to have fun re-designing your life! What do you want to delete from your life? What do you want to add in? How can you bring all the wonderful, new experiences that you desire into your life… the people, activities, adventures… learning and exploring? Use your feelings and your imagination to envision the life you desire. There is a whole magnificent world out there, and you are a part of it! Think about what delights you… what you really enjoy. Think about the *ten aspects of life and what you desire for each. First create a vision… then create a plan! You get to be the designer of your life! You get to create your own unique vision!

If there is something in your life causing you stress or unhappiness that you simply cannot change at this time… take heart. Be sure to include joyful things in your life daily, weekly, monthly. Always have something to look forward to… pleasures and delights. Treat yourself really good. Think about enjoyment in the present, but start to dream and plan for the future. Imagine your desired lifestyle… the life you really want to live, and invent your way to realize it! Commit to your own happiness, fulfillment and well-being, and then start to make choices that honor that commitment.

Play with this! Have fun with this! Delight yourself! Really create a truly joyful life that you love. It is possible! We are meant to be happy and enjoy this gift of life!

“Life was meant to be savored… luxuriated in”
                                                    … from the film The Martian Chronicles
“The purpose of life is to be happy”
                     … The Dalai Lama
“The basis of your life is freedom. The purpose of your life is joy”
                     … Abraham-Hicks


*The Ten Aspects Of Life:

  • Family/ Friends
  • Love/Romance
  • Fun/Play
  • Creativity
  • Personal Growth
  • Health/Well-Being
  • Home/Environment
  • Money/Finances
  • Spirituality
  • Work/Career