I was in a store Christmas shopping, and I came across a home décor plaque that read:


This sign was meant romantically… perhaps as an anniversary gift or from one newly wed to his or her beloved. But for me, as a woman of more mature years, it had such impact… and a completely different slant. From my heart… for the rest of my life! Yes! That is how I wish to live! Doing the things I truly love, and putting my heart and soul into the way I live every day. I want to live my life with meaning and purpose… with love and passion… using whatever God given gifts I am blessed to have. I want to live with joy and fulfillment… from my heart, and bring love into my relationships and activities. I want to be true to myself in all that I think, do, and say. Now that’s authentic! Imagine living this way!

Our lives are here and now. How we live day to day. What would it take for you to wake up every morning feeling joy and enthusiasm? What can you bring into your life that you truly love? What will bring pleasure and delight, or hold deep meaning for you? What can you release and let go of that no longer serves you or gives you any enjoyment? For the circumstances that you cannot change at this time … how can you be more willing to inject your love into them and nurture and care for yourself in their midst … while also promising yourself that you will seek out new possibilities for the changes that you yearn to make?

Your life is precious and divine. It is a God given gift. You are meant to be happy and enjoy it. Claim this for yourself. Decide that you will design and arrange your life for your own happiness, joy and fulfillment… that you will live from your heart for the rest of your life!