Sometimes just when we want to move things ahead, everything just stops. When you feel stuck and immobilized with any changes you are trying to make in your life, or projects that are important to you… the frustration, confusion, and disappointment you feel could really affect your happiness and well-being.

To help sort it out and shift the energy, set aside some private time. Get quiet and still. Go within and examine your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Find the resistance. As Abraham-Hicks says… “poke at it with a stick”. Get in touch with your emotions. Usually, I find, there may be feelings of fear, doubt, overwhelm… perhaps not knowing where to start, or what to do next, or how to do something. There may be a lack of self confidence or not feeling prepared or having what it may take to achieve your desired outcome. You may feel tired, exhausted, or slightly depressed (fear does that). Notice what you believe about the situation. What are you telling yourself? Do you believe that what you desire will never happen? Other pressing matters may be in the mix and stealing your energy. You may feel that there are too many demands on you… that you are pulled in many directions at once. This could cause feelings of resentment, anger and frustration as well. Resolve the inner conflict. Decide what is most important to you, and what will contribute to your happiness and well-being. Commit to your desire.

You can change the energy and break free of feeling stuck.


Create a vision of your desire that is so colorful and joyful… and focus on it several times a day. Write it down with as much detail as possible. Feel what it would be like to experience your desire… live it in your mind and emotions. Tell yourself that you are creating this and that it is possible.


Really believe it. Ask for guidance from God (The Universe, All That Is, The Great Spirit, Higher Power… whatever you believe and pray to). Put your Inner Being (Spirit, Higher Self) in charge. Ask all your Angels for help. Connecting to your faith is very powerful. Really believe! You will feel the energy move and the blocks and stuck feelings disappear. Conscious imaging of true, authentic desire… coupled with feeling and belief is the essence of The Law Of Attraction.

Let Go…

Put it all aside for awhile… Use these techniques to soothe yourself:

• Self Care… Relaxation, Yoga, Dance, Exercise, Sleep, Great Food, Music, Creature Comforts
• Spiritual Practice… Meditation, Prayer, Journaling
• Inspiration, Beauty
• Play, Laughter
• Anticipation… something to look forward to
• Count Your Blessings… Yes…Make a list! Instant Feel Good!

You will make your desires a reality. Your inspiration will return. Be kind to yourself and keep your dreams alive and vibrant. All is well.