Claiming back your life when you feel powerless, angry, resentful, trapped, disappointed, or unhappy. How to release the negative emotions that have such a detrimental impact on your life, health and relationships.

Have you heard the expression ‘It is what it is’? That is the ultimate declaration of quiet resignation, pessimism, and apathy. It is buying into the belief of being powerless, too old to change, lamenting missed opportunities and not looking for new ones, etc. If you have found yourself saying that or are experiencing any of the emotions listed above… please read on.

The first step is to pinpoint the source of your unhappiness. Exactly what are you feeling and why? It may not be what you think. We humans could be very good at creating a smokescreen to camouflage the issues we really don’t want to deal with… especially those of pain and fear. It is important to be honest with yourself about your true feelings. Sit down and explore what is really going on… get out a pen and paper and let yourself rant. Really feel your emotions. Let them be. Acknowledge them. Cry if you have to.

The second step is to look for creative ways to diffuse the charge these emotions have and the grip you feel they have on you. Enjoyable exercise, dance, meditation, prayer, journaling, yoga, uplifting books and music, beauty, the arts, comedy, nature… all these can be used to soothe your emotions. Mantras and affirmations help as well… and choosing thoughts and words of empowerment. You have to love yourself through a bad time. Nurture yourself with creature comforts… delicious food, self-care, anything that gives you pleasure and delight.

The third step… it’s time to sort out your life and make a conscious choice to be happy and give yourself the life you really want. Ask yourself the provocative questions: What has to be present for my deep fulfillment, enjoyment, and satisfaction in life? What do I really want? How do I really want to feel? How do I really want to live my life? What do I need? What is essential to my happiness? What are my values? What is most important to me? How can I honor and support myself and my happiness by the choices I make? The answers to these questions are most important and could lead you on the path to a joyful life.

The forth and last step is empowerment. What can you do to change or shift the situation you are unhappy about? If it is something from the past… find ways to release the hold it has on you… forgiveness of self and others, keeping yourself focused and present in the now, faith that many unlimited opportunities are possible. If it is in the present… what small changes and choices can you make now to remedy the situation and feel better? Decide what you really want and begin to take the steps to have it. Visualize it being the way you want it to be. Claiming your happiness and taking inspired action toward what you desire will give you the feeling of empowerment and control of your life and well-being. You can do this! Believe it! You can take the steps… one after another that lead to your desired life.

You are a creative, resourceful, powerful, eternal being. Your life matters and you are meant to enjoy it. Claim your power and your joy now!