Why do we resist or fear change so much? Well, it’s the great unknown. Not knowing the outcome creates fear and trepidation, and our inner saboteur stirs it up… it wants the safety of the status quo. But that part of ourselves is just one aspect of our personality, and should not be in charge of our lives (unless we are running from a bear or some other dire situation).

Our creative selves, our adventurous selves, our loving passionate selves… these aspects of our being should be in charge… front and center, when contemplating and making changes in our lives. We should be loving the ideas and visions we have. We should feel a sense of excitement and anticipation! Changes should create fulfillment and delight… and in that respect we would gladly embrace change for the wonderful experiences they would bring to our lives.

The world is always spinning and evolving. Change is imminent on all levels. Choosing changes in our lives could feel scary… or exhilarating.

So often we accept ‘the way it is’ without so much as a second thought. If the way it is delights you and you are happy… well great! But if you are discontent, bored or isolated and not getting what you need or desire… then some soul searching is in order.

Facing the unknown, taking risks, and making changes could be unsettling. But we must not let our fear keep us from realizing our dreams. Fear is the opposite of love… so if you focus on all that you love it will allow you to move forward.

So how do you let go of all that is not working in your life… of all that does not feel good or right… of the old ways of being and doing that no longer serve or satisfy you, and embrace the new with a sense of wonder and anticipation?

Ask yourself: What do I truly need and want? What emotions am I feeling and why? What is wonderful in my life, and what do I want to change? Will this change delight me… will it enhance my life and well being? Will this give me pleasure and enjoyment? Will this fulfill me and enrich my life experience? What concerns or fear comes up for me when I consider this change?

What about changes not of our choosing? We must honor ourselves by acknowledging and feeling through all our emotions. We have to love and nurture ourselves. We have to empower ourselves and remind ourselves of our wisdom and strengths so that we can accept what is, and know that we can still make choices and create our lives to be fulfilling and joyous. It is important to seek out the good and positive in any situation… to be optimistic… although not always easy when faced with one of life’s hurdles. Being aware of all that is beautiful and good in our world… appreciating all our blessings… keeping our faith strong; these things can help us through the tough times. Reaching out to family and friends for comfort and companionship is vital too. Yes, life is always changing… and this too will pass.

Discover for yourself what changes you choose to make in your life… then begin to plan and implement them with passion and enjoyment… and create your life the way you truly desire to live!