The world so needs our feminine energy right now…. our love, compassion, grace, acceptance, inclusion, empathy, nurturing, kindness, intuition, strength, healing, truth, beauty, optimism, joy, etc… all attributes of The Divine Feminine that every woman possesses (and some men too).

It is so important that we keep our hearts open and our focus on the love within us… the love that we are as Divine eternal beings… and that we keep emanating love from our hearts onto every living being and on the planet… that is how we can create our own heaven on earth. Love is the strongest force in the universe.

With conscious direction of our thoughts, words, and actions we can access that true place within ourselves of love… and not slip into fear and judgment. We can ask ourselves: What would LOVE do now? We can bring forth our Divine Feminine energy… first to ourselves, and then to all we meet. We can declare a state of grace.

Have I maintained that state of grace all day… every day? No, of course not… me being human and all. But the realization that at the heart of my humanness is the spark of the Divine has made all the difference… and remembering and affirming… I am love… and knowing the power of that to transform and heal.

The way of love is not weak… quite the contrary. We can still champion the causes and changes we want to see in the world… and envision and support those things that are dear to us. But we can use our mental and emotional resources to focus on what we do want instead of pushing against and fighting what we don’t want. That is a basic tenet of the Law Of Attraction. We create what we give our attention to.

Let us embrace and use the power of our Divine Feminine Energy. Let’s imbue our lives and our world with all her beautiful qualities of love and grace… and allow Spirit to work through us for the good of all people and the healing of our earth!

“What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love”
  song: What the World Needs Now… lyrics by Hal David