We are all born creative. Yes… you read that right. Everyone is creative. We all have innate creativity within us. How we express and channel it has a lot to do with what we love, what inspires us, what we’re passionate about and what has meaning to us personally.

Most people think of creativity as being the domain of artists, musicians, writers or dancers etc. That is simply the way those individuals choose to express. Creativity is not limited to the arts. It could be science, or business. It could be cooking or gardening… or anything really. It could also be the way one lives… creating beauty in the everyday with a beautiful home environment and a graceful way of life. It could be travel and exploring different cultures. Or the way one expresses their identity through their appearance… with clothes, hair, jewelry, makeup, or skin art.

Creativity could also be demonstrated in what others might deem mundane. I knew a woman with a housecleaning and organization business. She took such pride and care with every little detail… even the way she displayed glasses in a cabinet or organized a drawer or closet. She put her heart into her work and got such creative satisfaction out of it.

People have expressed their creativity in infinite ways throughout the ages and across the globe. You are creative too! Own it! Enjoy it! What do you love? What are you passionate about. What do you yearn to express? Allow your imagination free reign. Bring your creativity into your daily life in whatever way feels wonderful to you.

One caveat: don’t limit, censor or judge yourself. That kills natural creativity. And if you want to learn something in the arts… go for it. Start! Be willing to be a beginner. Play with it. Let your ideas percolate. Stay inspired. Have a vivid and colorful imagination. Tune into yourself and beckon the muse.

Start to notice all the ways you express your creativity. What do you enjoy in your life now? What do you do whole-heartedly? What commands your focus and attention with such pleasure that the minutes and hours evaporate? What fascinates you?

Creativity is your birthright! Believe it. Let yours flourish. Delight yourself!

“Talent Is Inborn… Know How Is Acquired”
~ Barbara Sher & Annie Gottlieb