La Dolce Vita. The Sweet Life. What images and feelings come to your mind when you think about these phrases? What daydreams do they evoke? What meaning does it have?

For me, it means friends and family around a table laden with food… cooking together, laughing, talking, sharing. And sometimes a wonderful intimacy… having deep, meaningful conversations in front of a lovely fire or over tea at the kitchen table.

It makes me think of relaxed creativity, of savoring nature and all the beauty of the seasons… and the specialness that each one brings. It makes me think of home, and love… and the joy of living in this magical world. Enjoyment, beauty, renewal, pleasure, snug security, comfort, sensuality, and serenity. The delights of home and nature and art and those we love. A beautiful earthy zest for living and embracing the joy and adventure of life every day.

Living well. Taking the time and care for the every day things. Being close to Spirit… your Inner Being and the intuition it offers you. Being fully present in each moment and savoring the beauty and deliciousness of life.

For me it also means rich experiences… the arts… paintings and sculptures, literature, theatre, imagery, music and concerts, movies… the myriad ways of creative self-expression that humans through the ages and around the world have put forth.

One way to think about this is: Romancing Your Life! Infusing it with grace and beauty and delight. So how do we create this for ourselves?

We can begin by making our everyday activities beautiful and special… perhaps adding in the small, lovely rituals that enhance our lives and create a feeling of being nurtured and even pampered. Set a beautiful table for your meals. Have lovely surroundings that are comfortable and beautiful. Wear clothes that you love and that look and feel wonderful. Give yourself time in the mornings and evenings to begin and end your day with peace and joy. Surround yourself with loved ones and all the good that life has to offer… enjoyment, laughter, love. And mark the special occasions of life with festive celebration.

Create your life with intention and vision! This is your life! Here… now! Create delight for yourself every day! Create La Dolce Vita…The Sweet Life!

“Derive pleasure from the gift of pure being. Life is to be savored… luxuriated in”
~from the film The Martian Chronicles