What are you 100% committed to… wholeheartedly? So often we say that we want to do something… whether it’s to learn something, or achieve a desired goal, or have an experience. We think about it. We talk about it. We daydream about it. We want it. But until we commit to it fully, it will continue to elude us.

A Dream Without A Commitment Is Just A Fantasy

What are some of the things that may prevent us from making a real commitment? Fear may be a factor… perhaps of failure or of changes in one’s life, or of the ‘great unknown’. Another element that may play a strong role in the avoidance of commitment is negative thought patterns or beliefs about what is possible, or in one’s abilities or talents. Responsibilities and demands of life and time may also contribute to postponing or procrastinating about commitments. The busyness of life gets in the way of our real dreams… and then time goes by, and we lament about what we never got to do and experience… and about our unrealized dreams and potential.

What dreams of yours have you not made a commitment to? How important is this dream? What does it mean to you? Is it dear to your heart? Does it evoke passion or a yearning desire within you?

When making any commitment in life, one should choose wisely, with care and awareness. What would merit the devotion of precious hours of your life. A commitment to any dream and desire should feel good. That does not necessarily mean it is easy. It should honor your values and be in sync with your true feelings. This is vital for you to stay inspired and motivated… to keep on following through, even when life gets hectic.

It is essential to make time and space for your dream. What will you do? When? Where? Carve out a niche in your life. Think about the joy and satisfaction it will bring you. Place it on your high priority list! Let nothing interfere. Envision yourself having, doing, or experiencing your dream. Keep your energy high and your dream alive. Treat it as a promise to yourself.  Commit to it! You will be so glad you did!