Fulfillment. The word holds such promise! Do you believe you can live a life of deep fulfillment? What would that look like for you? What do you love? What fills you with delicious satisfaction and joy? How are you including that in your daily life? Are you making it one of your top priorities?

So often the hours of our days are spent dealing with mundane details and time zappers that seem to demand all our attention. We end up putting our own needs and desires last on our agenda. The result is losing touch with the most vital, creative, intuitive, and sensual parts of ourselves.

What if we changed our approach and resolved to consciously choose where we invest our time and energy? What could change for you if you decided to rearrange your life and give thought to your own fulfillment? What if your everyday life was infused with the people and activities that fill you with delight?

Our dreams, desires and happiness should be a high priority. When we make a commitment to them we ‘fill our own well’. When we are happy, we then bring the best of ourselves to others. Our relationships benefit. The experience of our lives is richer, fuller, more vibrant. We feel fully alive!

Claiming the time and space for this may take some thought about what is truly important, meaningful, and essential to you… and what is not. It may mean organizing the daily details of life in a way that allows you to free yourself. But it all starts with a decision to nurture yourself… body, mind, heart, and soul… and gift yourself with the life you really desire. We all have choices about the path that we direct our lives.

Why not make yours the path of fulfillment!