Happiness is a choice. We have all heard this before. It begins within ourselves, and can be cultivated by consciously choosing our thoughts and perspectives… creating good feelings and uplifting our spirits.

When people are happy they maximize their potential… they are creative and fulfilled… they outflow their gifts to the world. They are emotionally clear. They are free to give and receive love… indeed to feel love. They live deeply and passionately. There is a state of grace in their lives. Yes… truly happy people do exist. Does that mean they never feel sad, or have an off day? No, of course not. But they have chosen happiness and made a huge commitment to themselves to create a life they love, and to be focused on the positive instead of the negative.

Do you believe in your own happiness… that you really could live a joyful life… that it is possible? Are you resistant or cynical about that thought? If we explore that a bit… is fear of disappointment behind that? Perhaps you may believe that it’s impossible or improbable that you can have what you want. Or maybe you have fallen into the trap of a negative mindset. What would change for you if you let go of that belief and embraced your true desires and your ability to see the good in your life.

What if it was possible to be happy and feel that all is well? What if it was possible to gift yourself with the essence of that which will give you fulfillment, pleasure, and delight? What if you claimed it for yourself and included it in your life every day? What if you made a commitment to yourself to be happy, and looked for things in your life that are beautiful, and blessings you already have… with awareness and deep appreciation?

Changing your mindset is powerful. It can make an enormous difference in the enjoyment of your everyday life. When you make a commitment to your happiness, and honor your values and true desires… then the choices you make in your life begin to support that as well. What choices… thoughts, feelings, words, and actions support your happiness and well-being? What are you thankful for? When you acknowledge and feel the joy of all the good in your life that you already possess, you attract more positive, good things to you. Life just gets better and better! Choose to be happy, and watch your life transform!

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health” … Voltaire