Last night I went to a small gathering of women that I got to know while giving my first ever Woman’s Inner Journey workshop. These women all became friends and named themselves “The Goddess Tribe”… of which, I am happy to say, I am a member!

We all brought some wonderful food and, as we settled into the comfortable, serene, beautiful space… the home of one of the women who is an artist; we all marveled at the natural ease of the intimacy and trust that we created with each other. Our conversations ranged from the hilarious to the practical to the serious and very deep… as experiences from our lives were shared… from the past as well as the present… and our hopes and dreams for the future were expressed as well. We allowed our emotions to be as they really were… with both laughter and tears.

There is something incredibly powerful about the bond of womanhood. It is a deep and profound understanding of what it feels like to be a woman… the universal knowing of a woman’s heart and soul; the love, emotions, dreams, the nurturing, the strength, resourcefulness and resilience, the yearnings… for peace, for connection, to love and be loved, for beauty and creativity… and so much more. We each carry that in our hearts and recognize it in each other.

Regardless of our backgrounds, individuality, and life experiences; the common thread that unites women across the globe and through the ages, is the Divine Feminine… the bond of womanhood.