I had a conversation recently that brought to light the fact that I have consistently, through the years, placed something that I care about on the “back burner” in my life. Time to make some changes!

What have you placed on the back burner in your life? What desires, dreams and activities have you put off while dealing with the many details and demands of life? What self expression, creativity, explorations have you swept aside and relegated to some day in your mind?

If there is something you have always wanted to do, learn, or experience… perhaps now is the time to take it off the back burner and place it front and center. Yes… give it high priority in your life!

OK… I know… there are 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. What to do?

First… decide. What in your life is extremely important to you? What do you love? What are you passionate about? What do you value most? What fascinates you? What would you be disappointed about if you never got to do, achieve or experience?

Next step is to make it happen! This involves some planning. Look at the time frame for the activities and demands of your current life. Remember, your activity is now a high priority. This means that you give it prime time… when you are feeling alert and energetic. (Which brings us to another issue… that of self care… getting enough sleep, proper nutrition, and exercise. These should be factored in as well).

Finding the time: Are there any mundane activities such as TV or time spent on social media that you could eliminate or curtail, and dedicate to what is truly important to you? Are there any chores or things you do on a regular basis that you can delegate to others? Is there anything you no longer enjoy or resent that you can stop doing? Are there any new ways to organize your life, home, time schedule that will give you the precious hours to devote to your dreams? How can you arrange your life to accommodate your high priorities?

Finally, claim this time and treat it as a promise to yourself! Your dreams and desires are very important. You deserve to be happy. Do not allow anything to infringe on this time.

I think there are three factors involved here. One is setting your intention… deciding to actually do/have your desire. Two is planning and scheduling. Three is follow through… which brings us to discipline. Someone once described discipline to me as being a disciple of one’s self. I love that definition!

Imagine the pleasure, satisfaction, and fulfillment you will have when you finally do what you desire! The time for joy in your life is now!

Decide What You Want And Boldly Rearrange Your Life To Have It!