A friend of mine recently received a birthday card with the sentiment:

“After The Middle Ages Came The Renaissance!”

I love this! What if we thought of our lives as being in Renaissance? Imagine!

Webster’s Dictionary Definition:


  • rebirth, to be born again, revival
  • a period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity
  • a transitional movement in Europe beginning in 14th century Italy (those Italians!) through the 17th century; and marked by humanistic revival of classical influence expressed in a flowering of the arts, literature and science

Sounds like fun! There is a whole fascinating world out there… so much to play with.

What inspires you? If you embrace for a moment the idea that your life is your art… how would you live? What grand expression would you make? What unique aspect of yourself would come forth?

Think of something that you always wanted to do or learn… or perhaps loved when you were younger but have not done in years. Last week while rearranging my bookcase, I opened a pretty folder that I had forgotten about. It was filled with pieces that I wrote many many years ago while taking a creative writing course. I was amazed when I read them. They are beautiful… colorful, passionate and sensual… rich with feeling and insight. I was so in touch with myself… my emotions… my senses… my wisdom. So alive… so present. And I remembered… that is how I feel when I have quiet and solitude and take the time to write. It enhances and transforms my experience of my life. So… that is one of my intentions for my personal Renaissance.

What lights you up? Get in touch with that part of yourself that is deeply connected to your passion. What do you want to create in your life? What transformation do you seek? What wants to be reborn, revived, given new life and energy? How do you want to feel?

What can you give yourself now to begin to live life this way? Set your intention. Claim the time. Make the commitment.

Your life is your masterpiece!
What does your personal Renaissance look like?